Beats by DJ Happee


Lease terms

  • All beats are non-exclusive (meaning more than one person can lease the same beat)
  • Producer still owns the beat
  • Must credit “produced by DJ Happee” where applicable
  • “Basic lease” and “Unlimited Lease” includes instant download of untagged 16-bit WAV and 320 kbps MP3
  • You may use these beats in your YouTube video for unlimited views. Ad revenue will automatically be split with DJ Happee
  • You may monetize your derived song with these beats using Google Adsense BUT DO NOT opt for “YouTube Content ID” when distributing.
  • “Basic lease” allows for up to 5,000 units of your derived song for sale (ie: iTunes, Amazon, CD, vinyl). You must purchase another lease to sell additional units.
  • Full licensing terms available upon checkout

If you would like a custom-made exclusive beat, or have any questions, contact @DJHappee