The office turntable – using your phone as a turntable

Now, that’s just clever. Learn more about the Office Turntable at DJ Worx.

Remixes created by…robots.

JetPack Remix DJ Bag demo

JetPack, the world's greatest DJ bag makers are back with the JetPack REMIX DJ bag!

My thoughts on the “Digital vs. Vinyl” debate

I don’t see scratch DJs fully converting to MIDI controllers anytime soon…but I think it may be possible one day. Read it here:

Reactable @ NAMM 2012

If you have about $10,000 USD lying around, you may want to get one of these for that next party at your house! More info at

Orbit Concepts – JetPack DJ Backpack

I just got my hands on one of these…and I must say, it’s a fine DJ…i mean EVERYTHING bag. For $189…you can do yourself (and your back a favor). For more info, please visit

Grandmaster Mash shows off MiniMash

WVIL camera (Smart Phone + High End Camera)

MIDI over Wifi into Ableton Live

hmmm…..wireless midi. awesome.

Head Tracking for iPad: Glasses-Free 3D Display

AT&T commercials from 1993

It’s pretty crazy how much of this stuff is reality now.

Quincy Jones Headphones by AKG

Introducing the Quincy Jones Signature Line by AKG: a collection of headphones for your home or the road. Each set is a blend of sophisticated style and perfect sound—exactly what you’d expect from one of the most gifted, successful and admired music icons the world has ever heard.


Polychord Demo Song from gregory Wieber on Vimeo.

Footage of us playing with the Traktor S4

Charging your iPod with durian!

Shoddy Lynn DJ Booth – Designed by Trevor O’Neil

Custom DJ Booth constructed with concrete board over plywood frame and rusted steel pipe with laser-cut tread plate top. Yes. It’s Bad-ass.

Monster Headphones: Miles Davis Edition

The iPad DJ

I’m not sure if this is actually DJing…but maybe live music composition?

iPad Mixr DJ App

If only the iPad had a USB port…it could possibly revolutionize  DJing.  Until then, we got the iPad Mixr.

Samson RH600 Open Ear Headphones

Being a fan of open-eared headphones…i had to hype these up. I usually test my mixes on a pair of open ear headphones before I bounce to disk. For less than $50 bucks, anyone can have audiophile quality headphones! Samson RH600 Reference Headphones

Laser Cosmos Projector

Seriously thinking about gettin one of these for the music studio.

Vestax Spin

I guess you can DJ (and backspin songs) in your car on that next road trip with Vestax Spin!

A Rare Look into Moby’s Manhattan Studio

Inklen – ToneTable app for Serato, Torq or Mixvibes

Its hard for me to see how this could be used in the real world of DJing…but it’s cool nonetheless.

HP Limited Edition Envy 15 “Dr Dre” edition

It kinda resembles a Mac, but hey…who cares! it looks dope.

Wii Spray

JetLev Flyer

Equipment list for any beginning DJ or Turntablist

Before I begin, I would like to mention that you can start with any brand of equipment you like, want or can afford. I’m simply listing my personal top “must haves” if I was going to buy all my equipment from scratch! So here it is…turntables, mixers, needles, headphones and cables… on G4 TV!

Thanks to G4 TV for the feature on their show!

Akai MPK25

Microsoft Songsmith. Now anyone can write a song…almost…

Technics 1200 mod

Shout out to my homie Fillupe for this one….

How to copy a vinyl record

Where was this tutorial 10 years ago when I was trying to dig for records?!

Tokidoki Turntable Watch

Kueit – the new “Instant Replay”

Back in the days…ok, maybe not that far back, stage DJs had to rely on “Instant Replay” machines to back up their artists/rappers during performances.  Now, it’s 100% computerized.  more…

DIY In-ear headphones

Mixtape/Cassette USB Memory Stick

Another reason to carry a cassette tape again! Available here

In case anyone is buying something this week…

One of our sponsors, Musician’s Friend, has hooked me up with a link to save up to $75 (usd) in case anyone of you are plannin on buying anything this week.  Just use the link below and enter “MF75” before checkout and you’re set. Share the wealth!

Serato ITCH

I guess we’ll be able to DJ from our couches really soon…

Montegiro Lusso Turntable


“Munnny Vinyl Toys + Speakers” by Ed Lewis


Tonium’s Portable DJ Unit

Tenori-On instrument

Yamaha’s Keyboard + Sketchpad Hybrid

About damn time!  For all my musicians…

Ghetto iPod

Check out the screen! I wonder what the inside is made of.

2nd Generation iPhone

Yes, it’s BLACK.  HOT SHIT.

Skratching on your iPhone and iPod Touch

Gold Keyboard

If they make a Rose-Gold Version, i’m totally gettin one.