2010 Music Project

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work and meet with some of the most amazing talent the entertainment world has to offer. Everyone from music artists, video producers, record execs, record promoters…just incredible.

I’ve even witnessed an entire industry change in just a matter of years. The playing field has gotten more leveled between indies and majors. The only real difference between the two is that the majors sometimes do a better job of gettin their word out to the general public using their network of people.

A year ago, I had a crazy idea…to find and work with the crazy amounts of incredible talent on the internet. I put out a bulletin on the web and got a ton of responses and met lots of great people and talent around the globe. Singers, Rappers, Instrumentalists, you name it. I even managed to record a few incredible songs with some of those musicians. Eventually, things calmed down and I was thrown back into other projects that came around. Basically, the project got shelved.

I couldn’t help but think, what would’ve happened if we had only finished what we had started? A compilation project of unheard talent that’s a free download, freely distributed on the web. Tons of artists might have found a new fanbase. Tons of artists might have gotten a break. Who knows.

So, I’m reaching out to the artists of the world once again.

How it works:
– We’ll collaborate on a song. I’ll send ya some music for you to write and record to
– You send me your vocals as a wav/aif file or Pro Tools session
– I mix down the project and get your feedback
– I get the project mastered and polished.
– We distribute and promote the compilation

Sounds good so far?

– must be 100% independent, not signed to any label
– must have their own recording set up, ie: microphone and DAW (digital audio workstation)
– because this project is not being sold in anyway, no compensation will be offered to the artist (or myself) for the work being distributed. Yep, free samples baby.

If you are interested in working with me on this compilation project, please send a demo that you feel best represents you and your work to project(at)djhappee(dot)com. Be sure to label the e-mail subject as “DEMO” or else it WILL get lost in the shuffle.

Let’s have some fun.


  1. Hey whats up im nomad im a music producer/ song writer ive been do this as my passion for about the last 6 years and im always looking to collab with new artist and people so hit me up

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