Another dope Reggae/Vybz mix

The only other DJs getting shine on a DJ site…DJ Byze One and JFX are back with another set for yall.

[download] (right-click and save)

Playlist (continued below):

Alborosie-                               “SoundKilla”                   – Forward Recordings
Alborosie (feat Ranking Joe)-    “Prescious”                     -Forward Recordings
Keri                                       “I Can’t Forget You”          -BootCamp Records
Sadiki                                     “Sure”                            -BootCamp Records
Glen Washington-                   “In The Right Direction”     -BootCamp Records
Morgan Heritage-                     “Jealousy”                      -BootCamp Records
Yami Bolo-                              “Work It Out”                  -BootCamp Records
Cocoa Tea-                              “Cycle”                          -BootCamp Records
Little Pinchers-                       “Something’s Wrong”        -Mandisa Inc. Records
Luciano-                                 “I’ve Got Sunshine”          -Mandisa Inc. Records
Sammy Dread-                        “Rasta World”                -Mandisa Inc. Records
Scion Success-                       “Willy Lynch”                 -Mandisa Inc. Records
Scion Success-                       “Dubplate Reigns”          -Mandisa Inc. Records
Scion Success-                    “Love Wont Come Easy”    -Mandisa Inc. Records
V.C.-                                     “By His Deeds”                  -Dig Dis Records
Warrior King-                         “Keep The Faith”                 -Cali Bud Records
Capelton-                       “Never Let Them Get You Down”  -Cali Bud Records
Capelton-                                  “Jah Jah City”                  – HMG Records
Ras Shiloh-                                “Onto Zion”                    -HMG Records


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