Hip Hop is back?

I damn near fell off of my chair when I was checking out the Soundscan numbers this week. I knew Lil Wayne’s Carter 3 album was going to sell, but I had no idea he was going to be breaking the “over a million copies sold in one week” mark! Despite illegal downloading, he has managed to do Hanna Montana type numbers (in the 1st week at least) on Soundscan.

When someone prefers to buy your album, rather than download it for free, that really says a lot, especially, in today’s music times, and in urban music.  I guess it pays to put out 10 songs a week and give it for free on mixtapes to your fan base.  Even artists that’s getting spins on the radio every hour aren’t guaranteed sales! So what is it exactly that’s different about Wayne compared to other rap artists?  Swag? Delivery? Character?

For the longest time, it has mainly been R&B artists topping the urban and even the top 40 charts…but now, I guess Hip Hop…er….RAP is back. I really don’t think anyone, hate it or love it, can hate on Weezy anymore. Agree?