How to get inspired in the studio when you are not

We’ve all been there time and time again. You’re sitting there staring at your canvas or DAW session asking yourself, “what am I going to create today?”

As an artist, it is hard to create when you are not inspired. Creating is a necessity for your soul. If you go to bed without creating anything for the day you’ll sit there thinking about it over and over and over and end up losing sleep over it.

I’ve typically always been more inspired to make beats or write and record songs in the evening times and after midnight hours. This worked out great until I became a father of two. These evening sessions get harder and harder after my kids are asleep while I usually work with my headphones on. Unfortunately, by then, I am too tired to create anything after a long day at the office/studio.

I work at a radio station during the day and I’ve noticed that while I’m at the office or studio, I am most inspired when I have my headphones on and I’m listening to music in the background. A lot of times, the songs that inspire me to create are usually brand new that I’ve never heard before. Once in a while, they are songs from years past that I used to listen to over and over on vinyl, tape, or CD. But it starts with a song. That song is usually the tinder to my creative process.

So for me, I get most inspired whenever I hear something else that puts me directly in the mood I’m looking for. Inspiration sometimes strikes when I am watching a movie. Sometimes inspiration for a melody strikes when I’m driving and humming or whistling. But one thing that’s certain, there is usually a song in the background playing that makes me go, “I need to get in the studio like RIGHT NOW to record.”

So I recommend creating a playlist of your favorite songs that get you where you need to be before you start recording. Make it part of your creating process to go to these songs before you start. For those days when you’re uninspired, you can GET INSPIRED. It keeps me in line and not to sway far away from the original goal of the song. (Sometimes going away from the original goal can be a good thing as well.)

Either way, the end goal is to create something that you are proud of, right? What better way than to be inspired by something that has passed the “this song got my attention” test?