1. i love this song so much. i hate that missy is on the screen every ten seconds. let the spotlight be on jasmine and let her shine like i know she will.

  2. yall are all wrong!!!!! jasmine sullivan has a voice like kim burrell, fa real…she has such a rich raspy sound….i’ve been hooked on her since “round midnight”…so glad she’s finally being recognized…

  3. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it!!! I am definitely going to buy this CD when it drops!! Good Job Jasmine!!!

  4. This girl can SANG! that’s better than being able to SING! Her voice is so soulful…she’s a very refreshing touch to the misic world! She’s no rookie though she has numerous videos on youtube and google…get familiar!

  5. This girl is the sh**! Amazing! I am really feeling this song! I can wait until her album drops!
    Keep it up mamita!

  6. This is a great song. Baby girl you can really sang. That’s right I said “Sang” not “Sing”. You got skill and you gone blow up. Stay doing what you doing.

  7. i love this song……. my husband and i love the feeling she puts behind what she is saying. and it’s a great make up song. beleive me , I know…

  8. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH.. When Im bored at work, I turn her song on and most importantly it relates to what Im going through right now.! LOL! Jasmine.. you are THE TRUTH, but you definitely need to give Lauren a cut… you sound soooooooo much like her!!!

  9. Jazz U R AMAZING UR voice is a hint of Lauryn Hill With a lot of Ms. Sullivan and all U haters must be TONE DEAF b/c this girl is a beast. I bet u know all the words!!!

  10. love this young ladies voice as well as her energy! tried to spend some money with her at best buy today only to find that she only has a single(not in stores)and no published release date for a forthcoming album…..????? don’t leave me starving girl!!! let me know when you are going to drop a new line of heat and bring that good natured soul back into music!!!!

  11. Wow. That is the best word the describe this song and this girl’s voice. She is so young, but sounds like her soul has been her much longer. Please recognize, young bucks!

  12. if you no music…….you would no this girl is about to take over the game…..i would compare her to kim burell also….1 hit wonder please…check out her music the girl is bad!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. hey girl this me yo song is beautuiful it makes all the woman out there that need there men or a men fill like there not the only 1 that is going through whathey are going thruough and i thank you so much keep singing your heart out god bless you girl

  14. Omg jasmine what more can I say beautiful amazing the song brings tears to my eyes I love her and want to meet her. PHILLY stand the fuq up

  15. OMG i love all of your songs especilly lions and tigers and bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loooovvvveeeee it soooooooooooooooooooo cool 🙂

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