Nas x Jay Z – “The Deliverance”

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  1. The Ruler’s Back (Happee remix)
  2. Mastermind (Happee remix)
  3. Heart of the City (Happee remix)
  4. Got Urself a Gun (Happee Remix)
  5. Never Change (Happee remix)
  6. Life’s a Bitch ft. AZ (Happee remix)
  7. Song Cry (Happee remix)
  8. One Love (Happee remix)
  9. Who You Wit (Happee remix)
  10. Purple (Happee remix)
  11. Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Happee remix)
  12. It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Happee remix)
  13. Girls, Girls, Girls (Happee remix)