Propellerhead – “Record”

Propellerhead Record DAW Music Production Software

Since a lot of my buddies are involved in the music industry one way or another, I thought some of you would be interested in this new product by Propellerhead (the company that brought you “Reason”). Record gives you unlimited audio tracks, world class effects and mixing gear, and a whole new take on music recording. With an intuitive, straightforward interface and a hands-on approach to capturing performances, Record was designed for musicians – not audio engineers.

propellerhead - record, mixing
This mixing console’s sound and signal processing was faithfully modelled after* the legendary SSL 9000k analog mixing desk. Flexible routing, full dynamics, EQ, advanced effects handling, full automation and a 64-bit mix bus gives you that big studio sound right out of your computer. And yes, you do get that master-bus compression.

propellerhead record master bus compressor

ssl 9000k propellerhead record


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